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Movie Review: Incredibles 2

                                                          Emily Wang

To start off, everything about the Incredibles before it came out, had very high expectations. And with high hopes, I walked into the theater to relive my six-year-old self, and see my favorite superheroes back at it again. While watching the movie, I was smiling, laughing, and most of all reminiscing at the magic that Disney had once again achieved.
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In general, the movie was a great installment. I was so happy with everything that happened in the film and so shocked and how much Disney improved. The editing and animation was so fantastic that it was like I was actually watching a real action film. There was one specific scene with Elastigirl zooming down the street in her cycle, and her hair was blowing and it looked so real. It was incredibly impressive.
With the plot, there were so many “intertextuality” moments, or cameos from the first movie. My major ones that I loved was Edna. In general, but also her chamber. Edna technically did not have to be in the film; the Incredibles could have found some way to control Jack Jack, but because of how much Edna is an icon and staple in the franchise, she had to come back. Along with that, the old supersuits were literally said in the movie to be there for “nostalgic reasons”. That with the background music, added sentimental emotions. Frozone’s wife was another thing that I just had to mention because it has become iconic. “Honey, WHERE is my sUperSUIT?” will forever be one of the most famous lines in a movie. Her dialogue in the second movie brought that intertextuality back into play too.
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This film was truly exceptional, worth the wait, and it really did point out aspects of our reality that people need to acknowledge.
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