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College Prep Seminar: Elizabeth Tong

This year, the Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC)  annual College Prep Seminar was hosted on Sunday, May 21st. Four high school seniors and one college freshman attended to share their experiences and their advice for the application process. Summaries are included below for your perusal; a full video of the seminar can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1277421599042917/.
Congratulations to these students for their great achievements!
Youth Section Editor: Janie Xue
Elizabeth Tong
Parents: Jiajie Tong (Father), Juhua Peng (Mother). YLA Involvement: VP 2015-2016.
A freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was admitted to Harvard, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (full ride), Northeastern University, and UW-Madison last year.

Once you reach certain level of test scores and grades, the playing field becomes equal for everyone. Try to be a well-rounded student and explore your interests in depth in high school and college. Have endurance! Look towards a larger goal to motivate you and make the most of your time in high school. Choose university based on where you would be the most comfortable and most happy. No matter what university you go to, you can take initiative and thrive. In your first semester of college, don’t overexert yourself. Take time to explore the university, get to know your professors, and develop a community so you can pursue what you want in the future.

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