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      Welcome to Milwaukee Chinese Times, the Only Chinese Language Newspaper in Wisconsin!

      The mission of the Milwaukee Chinese Times is to "Record the past, present and future of Wisconsin Chinese".  It will serve as a platform  for the local community to exchange news and ideas. It will also act as a bridge between Wisconsin and China, as the only source of local community news and general information about the state in the Chinese language.

MCT is currently produced by Milwaukee Chinese Community Center and is distributed in  major Wisconsin cities and greater Chicago. It  is edited solely by community volunteers and supported by donations, sponsors and advertisers.   If you are interested in subscription or advertisements, please contact Editor@MilwaukeeChineseTimes.cm or call 262-4220858

密城时报于2007年12月份由密尔沃基及其他威州华人社区的义工创建,旨在记录华人在威斯康辛大地扎根发展的历史现状及将来. 本报为华人社区提供信息交流平台,同时努力促进威斯康辛与中国的文化商务交流.密城时报目前发行于威州各大城市及大芝加哥地区. 本报由各地义工组稿编辑发行,欢迎各位读者投稿,联谊或者提供广告业务. 请电 262-422-0858

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