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Emily Wang, Youth Section Editor (青少年版编辑)

Milwaukee Chinese Newspaper’s Youth Section is used for its ability to display the diverse range of articles written by the Chinese youth of Milwaukee. Each article is created in hopes of shedding light on the views of traditional and modern Chinese culture along with the different experiences that each individual student may be going through. This year, we are looking to add in more writing pieces that tackle the thoughts of the Chinese youth in Milwaukee. We hope that everyone not only gains newfound information but also enjoys the topics that we focus on in our writing.
密城时报的青少年版用于展示密尔沃基华人社区青少年撰写的优秀文章。 每篇文章致力于表达传统和现代中国文化的观点,以及每个青少年各自所体验的不同经历。 今年,我们寻求增加更多能够体现青少年思想的文章。希望读者不仅从中获得新的信息,而且喜欢我们写作所关注的主题。

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